The team

Adam Beaumont is a British international football lover and shirt collector, who unofficially hosts the Iceland shirt museum.

Franziska Blendin is a German mechanical engineer that loves football, history and beer.

Sascha Düerkop is a German mathematician who loves to tell those football stories that are rarely listened to.

Helge Faller is a German who browses archives around Europe to learn more about women’s football in the inter-war period. This often results in books, which he publishes himself.

Chuka Onwumechili is a Nigerian author of several books on Nigerian and African football, culture and politics and a Professor for Communications in Washington D.C..

Paul Watson, from the UK, was once the younges international manager in the world (sort of), owned a football club in Mongolia and is now with Thimphu City from Bhutan and runs the football charity called Kitmas.

Sunny Wyrich is a Scottish sports journalist that used to work on even more niche sports than women’s football.